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5 Things Successful People Never Do


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While many agree that success is subjective, there is a general consensus that it involves financial stability, enjoying your job and being relatively happy in life. To ensure that you have all three, there are five things you must make sure you avoid doing. The truth is that you are likely doing at least one of these and it is serving as a roadblock to you being successful. Identifying these and then being honest about whether or not you do them is the first step in eliminating anything that is standing in your way.


They Don’t Allow Others to Define Their Success


Success is a word that means different things for different people. You have to define what you find successful for you and run with it. Do not let someone else tell you whether or not your idea of success is untrue or inaccurate. For example, many people see success purely from a financial place, but others see this as only a piece of the pie. In fact, many see simple financial stability as successful where others feel they need to be wealthy to be successful. Continue reading

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Happiness: The Ultimate Productivity Booster

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There is a saying in the corporate world – “If you dread Mondays, it’s time to switch your job; if you dread your weekends, it’s time to change your social circle.” Ponder on this saying for a moment and ask yourself, “Is the company I own or manage creating cultures of happiness or well-being?” If the answer to this question is no, it is costing your company thousands and possibly millions of dollars depending on the size of your company.


So what exactly is an unhappy employee? Unhappy employees are disengaged employees, and cost US companies a shocking $450 to $550 billion each year in lost productivity. Many Americans are becoming increasingly unhappy with their jobs and work environments and it’s having a major impact on the bottom line of most companies.


So why should every company want their employees to be satisfied and happy at work? Simply because a happy employee is an efficient and productive employee. But how does one achieve it? The fact is this has been proven time and again across different organizations around the world. Happiness and productivity are interlinked – A happy employee is productive and a productive employee is usually happy.

Continue reading

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Your Word is Your Wand, Choose Them Wisely



“Wow, you look nice today!”


“Wow, you look nice today!”


Grammatically, both sentences look the same. The sentence structures remain the same, as does the subject. Nothing has changed. Except – everything has changed.


That is the power of a single word. In this example, you see that the smallest of stress placed on one changes the meaning of the entire sentence. It goes from being a compliment to a mocking comment that is intended to insult. Words carry power. And as users of words, you carry a power that you yourself are unaware of.


This is but a simple example to show you how much control you can exert over language. Even those who do not speak have this power – because they can think. And words, whether spoken or otherwise, carry an enormous amount of significance in our lives. Words are how we communicate with each other, but more importantly, they are also how we communicate with ourselves. They help us build our perceptions of ourselves – and our perceptions create our reality. Continue reading

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10 Ways to Add Years to Your Life

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The quality of the life we lead is on a downward spiral due to numerous reasons like stress, commitments, and personal issues – the list could go on forever. This directly or indirectly plays a huge role in negatively affecting our lives. However, small alterations in the way we live will help in improving our lives drastically.            


Here’s a list of the 10 ways to increase your longevity:


Eat a fiber rich diet, particularly for breakfast. When you take in a lot of fiber instead of those pesky carbs, you manage to maintain your blood sugar levels throughout the day and can go longer between those annoying hunger pangs. People who eat fiber rich foods for breakfast have a good chance of postponing, and possibly avoiding, the incidence of diabetes, which is a known accelerator of aging.


Sleep for a solid seven to eight hours. This is a time tested cliché – but clichés are clichés because they are true! Not only does your body and brain need rest, it’s when you sleep that your body heals and regulates your cells. Every one needs a minimum of seven hours of sleep if they want to live a healthy lifestyle. Lack of sleep leaves you irritable and upset; chronic lack of sleep will definitely lead to all kinds of health issues, from diabetes to obesity, none of which are conducive to a long life. Continue reading

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Get Happy, Be Healthy: How Being Happy Improves Your Overall Health

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 6.39.52 PMScientists and health care providers have been telling us for years that sustained negative emotions are detrimental to our health. Some scientists wondered if the inverse might be true and major happiness research has been undertaken. The results are in. Great news! Happiness is good for your health and essential to your well-being!  Research supports the claim that happier people are healthier and more successful people.


The Effects of Sustained Negative Emotions


If you are like most Americans, stress on the body has been a topic of conversation with your healthcare provider for quite some time now. Stress contributes to high blood pressure, migraines, tension headaches, heart disease, skin disorders, Alzheimer’s, obesity, gastrointestinal disorders, and mental illness. Chronic rage, sorrow, and fear have all been proven to have a very negative impact on your health as well. Continue reading

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